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4 Ways to Kickstart Labor

You’re 38, 39, 40, dare we even say 41 weeks pregnant. You feel you may as well be 52 weeks pregnant at this point... or what is 10 years in weeks...?! Regardless, we KNOW the feeling- all too well. You get to the point of desperation where you’re willing to try *almost* anything to get that baby O U T. Spicy Thai for dinner? Check. Eggplant Parm? Check. Ordered bulk pineapple and dates? Check, check. Forget our own experiences being pregnant- as doulas we really see it all. Clients who are walking 10 miles only to be exhausted, and still pregnant at the end of it. Clients who eat at that particular restaurant and order that “special salad” in hopes the juju will work on them. You name it, we’ve seen it. With that, what works??? Brace yourself....

None of it.

Your baby will come it when they’re good and ready. Maybe you’ve heard that Surrendering is the key to pregnancy and parenthood? Well if you haven’t, you have now. :) Knowing that secret, here are the 4 best ways to kickstart labor:

• Rest!

The reason spontaneous labor tends to happen at night is because our bodies are relaxed and able to focus on labor rather than the myriad of other things we’re doing during the day. Keeping your body at ease and allowing time and space for labor to occur is important! Take every opportunity to get comfortable and r e s t. Repeat after us: “it’s ok to rest. It’s ok to rest.”

• Hydrate!

Keep your body well hydrated so it can function at its highest. Keep baby’s fluids up, keep your fluids up. And, pee! Curious why? Check out this blog to learn why frequent urination can be So. Important.

• Eat!

Keeping your body nourished with high protein, good fat, delicious foods is vital. When your body can function at its best, it can take care of all the business it needs going into labor!

• Wait!

This is The. Hardest. One. It involves trusting your body, trusting your baby, and doing a whole lot of...nothing. Believe us, no one wants to hear it. “Wait?! I’ve been waiting for 9 months! I’ve been waiting my whole life! ‘Wait’ is not in my vocabulary!” We know!!! And also, wait. Our bodies are miraculous and our babies are brilliant. They work in harmony to decide when the right moment is to to grace us with Childbirth. So much happens in those last few weeks in utero. Baby’s lungs and brain are still developing and they are still growing! (Not much, but still, something!) Practicing patience when you’re experiencing discomfort, cramping, heaviness, aches, and exhaustion sounds close to impossible- though we know you can do it. Reach out to your doula for support!

If you do try any “natural induction methods” you read about on Pinterest or hear about from friends, be sure to discuss with your Midwife or OB first!

Questions about natural or medical inductions? Sign up for Childbirth Ed or email us! Good luck, and see you on the other side!

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