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5 Things I Can't Sleep Without While Pregnant!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Pregnancy and sleep don't seem to go hand in hand for me. Maybe it's my body and baby prepping for having a newborn? I don't know! What I do know is that getting comfortable and a good night's sleep requires a lot of prep work. I'm sharing my secrets with you today that have helped me get a decent (not great) nights sleep, and have helped me considerably in getting comfortable.

From backaches, to heartburn, to anxious thoughts and pregnancy hormones keeping us up at night, a lot of factors play into these restless nights. While I try to steer clear of the consumerism around maternity products and the "you won't be able to sleep unless you have this product", sometimes you do need a little extra help!

So, what can I not live (or sleep) without right now at 27 weeks pregnant?!

1. Pregnancy Pillow

First up is my pregnancy pillow. I love her<3 I've tried every single pillow, I think. One of my besties graciously gave me a hand me down pillow that she used which was a godsend in the early days of pregnancy. But, as I progressed along I needed something with a little more umph....let's say.


Look how comfortable she looks! This honestly saved me in all seriousness. I legit have a pillow FORTRESS around me, so I don't solely use this. However, this is a major player in my pillow palace.

2. Heating Pad

In the beginning of my pregnancy a good friend of mine sent a microwavable heating pad to me because I was complaining about all my aches and pains early on. She has been pregnant before and knew exactly what to send. You can use any heating pad that you so choose. Hot water bottle, microwavable one, or even an electric one (just make sure you keep it on a low setting and have a shirt or your sheets between you and your skin).

This is the one my friend sent me that I use every single night. It travels as I sleep and find comfortable positions. Sometimes it's on my low back, my shoulder or my inner thigh / groin area. Its small and soft and doesn't smell weird when you microwave it. Also it's heart shaped and who doesn't love that?!

3. Breathe Right Strips

I've been going to acupuncture once a month, provoked by a pinched nerve I have but now is a STAPLE in my pregnancy and self care. My beloved acupuncturist, Erika Forsell told me when I was complaining about my congestion especially at night to get Breathe Right Strips. I sort of laughed it off and just suffered for another two weeks or so (Stubborn Leo right here). One day I woke up and could not take it any longer. I drove to Walgreens and got their generic brand Nasal Strips.

Oh. My. God. Let me tell you. That night I slept like I have never slept before. It was hysterical for me putting it on and getting into my pillow palace. My husband just looked at me with the most endearing, loving eyes. And in solidarity he put a nasal strip on too. They allowed me to breathe and sleep comfortably. Careful when you take them off in the morning though. Slow and steady wins the race on that one. Otherwise you have a little nasal strip injury like I had the first week or so. I ripped that baby right off and pretty sure I peeled off the first layer of skin.....cute.

4. CALM Magnesium

Another fun thing to encounter in pregnancy is constipation!!! YAY!!! My mother-in-law (who also is a colon hydrotherapist) suggest I take Calm Magnesium to help with my deer poop constipation. That's great Meghan, but why are you talking about your poop right now? Well why AREN'T we talking about our poops more?! That's a whole other blog. Magnesium doesn't just help with keeping things moving and grooving, but it also helps with any muscle aches and pains. See where I'm going here?! (insert wink emoji here) About 2 hours before bed (because I don't want to get up 2-3 times to pee in the middle of the night) I take about a teaspoon of CALM Magnesium in warm water. It's become part of my winding down getting ready for sleep ritual. I find it helps me just melt right into bed and calms my body, my mind, and when I wake up HELLO BEAUTIFUL BOWEL MOVEMENT!

5. Warm Bath or Shower

I am a morning shower kind of person. It sets me up for the day and refreshes me. Since being pregnant I have been OBSESSED with taking a warm bath at night. They help me do a little "self care" love on myself and baby ritual. I bring in a good book (lately a trashy romance novel) and allow myself to just soak. If I have epsom salts I add those in there to aid in my relaxation. But just the warm water in general tells my body to relax and prepare for sleep. Same goes for a warm shower! Bring in some calming music, maybe some of your favorite relaxing herbs like lavender to sprinkle on the floor of your shower and let the warm water hug you. Sometimes I listen to meditations or take the time to talk to baby. Tell her all about the day, what I saw, what the plan for the next day is. It's incredible how much water can help soothe us. Think of the babe in the belly....surrounded by water. So get your bod in some warm water before bed and your whole self will appreciate it.

Now who's ready to take a nap?!?!? MEEEEE!

Do you have a favorite night time ritual or things you cannot live or sleep without?! Let us know. We love to add to our pillow palace ;)

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