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Can I Have Sex While Pregnant?

It is perfectly safe for pregnant people to have sexual intercourse. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and if you’ve been given any instructions from your provider to avoid physical activity or something of the like, maybe intercourse isn’t for you at this time... but there are plenty of other options for you ;)

One of the most common concerns we hear is, “Will the penis poke or harm the baby?” In jest we often want to respond, “you wish it was that big!” However we are professionals. We are mature. We are Doulas! So instead we say something to the effect of:

That is a common concern! Fortunately the baby is protected inside the Amniotic Sac, within the uterus, with a mucous plug capping off the cervix so the penis won’t get anywhere near that baby. You’re good to go!

Another common concern we hear is that if sex is a natural induction method, will they go into labor if they have sex?? What we often want to blurt out is, “oh you wish it was that easy that you could have sex and poof, you’re in labor!” But again, We. Are. Professionals. We are mature. We are Doulas! So instead we say something to the effect of:

So many of our clients wonder this same thing! Sex on its own isn’t powerful enough to actually induce labor. There are two pieces of Sexual Activity that, paired with the right timing, can support the onset of early labor.

  • One is Ejaculation. The Semen ejaculated from a penis can help to soften the cervix. In fact, if you were to be medically induced in the hospital, they may use something called Cervidil, which is the synthetic version of a hormone Prostaglandin, which can also be found in Semen!

  • The other piece is Orgasm. When the pregnant person orgasms, they release Oxytocin, commonly known as the Love Hormone, and if the setting (internally, that is) is just right, it can aid in kicking off labor. Now, both of those things, Ejaculation and Orgasm, on their own, won’t do a darn thing if the Pregnant Body is not already ready to go into labor. On their own, they are safe and benign.

If you are “full term” or beyond, and looking for ways to naturally induce labor, read more here.

So if you have a healthy, "low-risk" pregnancy, and the go-ahead from your provider to carry on business as usual, Sex and all the fun that it entails is safe while you’re pregnant! Go forth and enjoy :)

Do you have specific questions related to Pregnant Sex? Are you looking for alternatives to intercourse? Are you finding intercourse uncomfortable while you’re pregnant? Or are you experiencing the best sex of your life while pregnant and you want to scream it from the rooftops?? Feel free to email us and we’ll send answers- or congratulations- whatever’s in order ;)

Cover Artwork by Emily Schiff-Slater

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