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Cesarean Birth + Doulas

Clients often wonder why we don't offer a discount if they have a Cesarean Birth. As Wyld Doulas, we see Birth, as Birth. Its sacred, important, and special- regardless of the route baby chooses. Doulas have a reputation of being "crunchy, homebirth fiends" but we can safely say that our Wyld Doulas are no ONE thing. We are a magical combination of varied experiences, interests, and talents, who support both home and hospital births equally. At Wyld Birth & Postpartum we believe All Birth is Natural and we are honored to support your Birth.

When a client chooses a planned Belly Birth or has no choice and has an unplanned Belly Birth, a Wyld Doula can be supportive in so many ways. We meet prenatally to discuss your Birth Plan options, coping techniques, and action plans. In our local Hudson Valley hospitals, Doulas are unable to join clients in the OR. So, we meet you at the hospital for a Planned Cesarean and then stay with you until the minute you go into the OR. Then we meet you after in recovery. Having someone by your side to remind you that everything is ok, to keep you calm and comfortable, and to make sure you're not alone is valuable and vital to your experience! (Secret: Doulas play the same role for a Vaginal Birth...)

At Wyld Birth & Postpartum, we can create a package for you if you know you are planning a Cesarean Birth and you DON'T want a Doula at the hospital with you before and/or after. We can meet with you Prenatally to discuss the various options of your Belly Birth (did you know there are so. many. options!) and we can plan thoughtfully and intentionally for your Postpartum experience. Then we can support you through your Postpartum with a Postpartum Doula!

There are so many ways to have a Doula and have a Cesarean Birth, planned or unplanned. Your Wyld Doula will never judge you, blame you, or devalue you. Your Birth is hallowed regardless of the route and we think you are strong and incredible. So that's why we don't offer a discount for a Cesarean Birth. It's not less than any other Birth. And we will lovingly support you no matter what.

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