Cloth Diapering 101

Full disclosure: I’m no expert on Cloth Diapering! Three kids and years of trial and error have led me to the point where I feel slightly comfortable doling out advice on diapering. The best tip though, is to do what feels right for your family. No one else cares what you decide to do. Want diapers from BJs? Go for it. Have an Honest subscription? That’s wonderful! Using cloth AIOs? Congrats! Let’s explore what the options are and hopefully you gain some clarity and confidence!

When it comes to Cloth Diapering there are 9 categories. If you’re already checked out- I get it. Though I implore you to stick around and see if one of the 9 catches your eye!

1. All In One (AIO): The All in One cloth diaper is a complete system, most similar to a disposable diaper. The entire content of the diaper is cloth and is used like a traditional diaper! Babe wears it,

uses it, you wash it, you use it again. It’s probably the simplest option for sitters, childcare providers, or grandparents, as there’s little learning curve.

2. All in Two: This system includes a shell (the outside of the diaper that you see when you look at the baby wearing it, and an insert, the inside of the diaper that is touching them. In this Two in One system, the insert snaps into the shell, connecting them.

3. Pocket Diaper: The Pocket Diaper had an apt name! This fleece lined diaper has a pocket that is

stuffed with an absorbent insert. Inserts are typically cotton, bamboo, hemp, or microfiber (which cannot be directly on baby’s skin). Urine goes through the diaper lining and then the insert, leaving baby’s skin feeling dry! This is another “user friendly” option for sitters or grandparents!