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Do Doulas Do That?

As Doulas ourselves, we’ve heard it all. The questions, the concerns, the worries, the

jokes… Believe us- we know there’s plenty of confusion out there! Here are the most

commonly asked questions we get as Doulas:

Q: Whats the difference between a Midwife and a Doula?

A: We like to joke that Midwives work from the waist down, and Doulas work from

the Belly Button Up. But theres more to it than that!! Doulas at Wyld Birth &

Postpartum are a solid resource for education and information regarding

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum. Beyond that, Wyld Birth & Postpartum

Doulas offer both Physical and Emotional Support to our clients. (That means

Pregnant/Birthing Person and a partner!) We pull out all the tricks to keep you

comfortable, at peace, and informed during your experiences. We’re also with you

continuously. You can hire a doula as early in your Pregnancy as you want, and we

stay in touch with you throughout your Pregnancy, on call to you 24/7. We attend

your birth the entire time you want us there. And we follow up Postpartum- we can

even stay with you through your Postpartum experience! Your midwife will have

appointments with you throughout your pregnancy and attend the latter part of

your birth.

Q: Should I take Childbirth Ed at the Hospital?

A: We are huge proponents of Childbirth Education because we believe Knowledge

is Power! The more informed you are about the process of Childbirth, the more your

brain and body can relax and trust the process. Many people wonder if they should

be taking a Childbirth Ed class affiliated with their birth location. That’s completely

up to you- of course- however, we can tell you that we offer a customized Virtual

Childbirth Ed course that we tailor to your specific birth location. Planning to have a

baby at Hudson Valley Hospital? We can teach the course specific to their hospital

policies. Planning to have a homebirth with Susan or Birdie? We will make sure your

Childbirth Class is chock full of everything you need to know for a Homebirth, and

more. Planning to schedule a Cesarean Birth? Lets plan an express Childbirth Ed

Class to prepare you for your upcoming Belly Birth! So the short of it: Yes take a

Childbirth Ed class. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s at the hospital or not 

Q: Can my doula advocate for me in the hospital?

A: Wyld Birth Doulas will do everything in our power to help you feel prepared

going into your Birth Experience. We will support you in asking questions to your

provider. We will support you in finding a safe location to birth your baby. And we

will stand with you and give you language to use in the hospital if necessary.

However, Wyld Doulas cannot be your voice. (Unless of course there was an

emergency situation, that is, and you needed that!!!) We will support you in self-

advocacy and work together to ensure you are in the safest possible position with

your providers and birth location. Our goal is that you feel empowered and


Q: Are doulas covered by Insurance?

A: Wyld Doulas are not covered by insurance however Doula Support can typically

be covered by your FSA account! Email us to learn more!

Q: Can you only have a doula if you have a homebirth?

A: Any pregnant person or postpartum person can hire a doula! Wyld Birth &

Postpartum Doulas support births in Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Homebirths. No

judgment is placed on your decision to birth where you feel safe. Your doula will

accompany you at the hospital of your choice or right in your living room. It’s your


Q:How long does a doula stay with you during Childbirth?

A: Wyld Birth & Postpartum Doulas offer continuous care during Childbirth. We will

arrive to your birth location or home beforehand, when you request us and we will

stay with you until 1-2 hours after birth. Then, we’ll stay in touch regularly and

come back to visit you in a week for a Postpartum follow up. Or, we can start up a

Postpartum Doula contract and stick with you continuously after childbirth! You’re

never on the clock with a Wyld Birth & Postpartum Doula. We stay with you when

you need us.

Have a question we missed? Email us at hello@wyldbirthandpostpartum to ask!

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