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There are a lot of different types of Doulas. We're like anything else- theres some doulas who think and practice one way, and some, another. If you've met one Doula, you certainly haven't met them all. That's something we love about our Doula Collective! We're a varied group of Doulas who have various quirks, talents, credentials, and strengths.

With that said, we believe its important to share that Wyld Birth & Postpartum is unapologetically PRO-CHOICE. We view Abortions as part of Full Spectrum Reproductive Health Care and there's no two ways about it for us. We believe Women (can end that sentence right here...) and everyone, have the right to a safe and legal Abortion just as the right to give Birth.

And OH DON'T GET US STARTED on the HYPOCRISY of all this "Anti Vaxx Mandate" HOOEY. Hate to break it to you, but it's the same people CONTROLLING women's bodies!!! Are women that LOW, that UNIMPORTANT, that they can be controlled, sexualized, IGNORED, abused, forgotten, and spotlighted whenever YOU want?? Of course lawmakers can't force YOU to wear a mask but they certainly CAN and SHOULD force women to carry unwanted pregnancies! And while we're at it- let's punish anyone who disagrees!

We're so ANGRY!!! We're so SCARED! We're so SAD!

1 in 4 women has an abortion. Have you had one? Have you been in the GUT WRENCHING space where you had to decide to terminate your pregnancy? Or have you been relieved as HELL that you had the freedom to make a safe, healthy choice for yourself? Have you hidden it from everyone if fear of being judged? have you sought out a provider and ended up with an unsafe situation? Have you been harassed by anti-choice activists?

Maybe next week, or next month, or next year we'll be able to artfully articulate our thoughts and feelings into a more well thought-out blog. But for now, we're fuming and we need to express it. And we want you to know where we stand.

When you hire a Wyld Birth & Postpartum Doula, you can guarantee that your Doula believes in your existence and your right to choose whats best for your body.

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