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Its February! Black History Month!

This time has us thinking about the responsibility we have as white Birth Workers to decolonize Birth Work, support BIPOC clients, and uplift Black Birth Workers. Maybe you're familiar with the stats: Black parents are 3x more likely to die in childbirth, 50% more likely to have complications in pregnancy + birth, and Black babies are twice as likely to die in childbirth. These are harrowing numbers and a direct result of Systemic and Institutionalized Oppression and Racism. To us, Birth is Political. We have the opportunity, ability, and responsibility, to make change at the most local of levels: B i r t h.

Wyld Birth & Postpartum donates $25 of every client contract to the National Black Midwives Alliance and $25 of every client contract to our own BIPOC Client Financial Assistance fund. We use this fund to offer reduced costs for Doula Support to BIPOC clients who request any assistance. We share this information with transparency in hopes that it will inspire others to consider how they can make small shifts that accumulate to larger support.

Additionally, if you identify as a BIPOC client and you're looking for financial assistance for Birth a/o Postpartum Doula Support, check out the new Blackswell Birth Foundation, founded by Hillary Lopes, a Wyld Birth & Postpartum Doula. You can donate there as well via Venmo (@blackswell).

It is important to have (at least) one month during the year when we intentionally reflect upon the unique challenges and accomplishments of the Black Community- however it does not and cannot replace the work we must do the rest of the year to amplify Black voices, perspectives, and experiences. There is much to be done- so whatever you decide to do this month to commemorate Black History Month, we encourage you to consider what it would look like to continue that work year round. If you are interested in donating to the National Black Midwives Alliance or the Wyld Birth & Postpartum BIPOC Client Financial Assistance fund, please email us at

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