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My Go To Tea for Pregnancy & Postpartum

As soon as we become pregnant we immediately feel this urge to consume as much water as possible. We lug around our 4805856 oz water bottle and make our millionth trip to the bathroom. It's the same in Postpartum - MUST. CONSUME. WATER. We feel an insatiable thirst, especially if you are choosing to breast/chest feed! I don't know about you but there were points in my pregnancy and early postpartum that I was just plain sick of drinking water. Limited caffeine (I still had my 1 cuppa coffee a day), no alcohol, always cautious about what I was eating and drinking - I needed something to spice things up a little bit! Enter one my loves - herrrrrrrrbs. Making an herbal tea was one of my favorite ways to mix it up, nourish my body and my baby, and to invite the presence of slowing down into my day. Now at (almost) 11 months postpartum, I'm still bringing in my herbal teas to nourish and hydrate me and even giving my babe a taste (very diluted of course).

Herbal teas are a fantastic way to up your water intake and calm your nervous system. Both vital to take care of pregnancy and postpartum. Plants are powerful so we always want to be extra careful what herbs we are taking in both pregnancy and postpartum. When in doubt - go to herbs that are "nervines". Aka they work on your nervous system. Also always make sure you consult your local herbalist (shameless plug) if you have any questions or concerns!

Pregnant, Postpartum, Ovulating, Bleeding, or on a random Tuesday, this is my go to herbal tea I make. It's nourishing, balancing, grounding and feels like someone giving you a hug outside in the garden with the sun on your face.

I use the base of 3 main players and then will add in others as I wish.

The base is Nettles, Milky Oat Tops, and a kiss of Chamomile. THAT'S IT! For other additions you can add in Red Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Lavender, or any other gentle nervine herb.

- Nettles is the Queen of the herbal world in my opinion. She is my tonic of choice. Filled with vitamins and minerals, can help with inflammation, can help lower blood pressure, excellent in liver health, and is a fantastic way to consume your greens.

- Milky Oat Tops (you can also use Oatstraw) is like laying in a sunny field. To me it is all about the nervous system here, especially in calming your mind. Also, oats are a great galactagogue (an herb that can help with milk supply).

- Last, but certainly not least a *kiss* as my herbal teacher Kris Miller would say, of Chamomile. A kiss because you don't need much of her to notice her power. Chamomile was my first love and I always incorporate her wherever I can. What I love most about her is her versatility. Infants to elders can use her. Topically or internally. I include Chamomile in this basic blend because it makes this tea have such a nice little apple sweetness to it, chamomile can help aid in sleep, and overall brings a gentle wave of calm. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Now that the weather is getting nicer out one of my favorite ways to make this tea is dump a bunch of loose herbs in a mason jar, pour water on top, and let it sit in the sun until it turns a darker color. Sun tea!

Whatever way you choose to consume your herbal teas, just make sure you take the time to enJoy. Joy is a key component to the medicine.

Happy drinking!

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