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Postpartum Meal Ideas

As both Birth and Postpartum Doulas we know the value to good preparation. During Pregnancy we spend a lot of time preparing for Baby's arrival. We get the nursery ready, make sure the little one has everything they need from burp clothes to bottles to bassinets. We take our Childbirth Education classes, our Lamaze and Hypnobirthing courses. Pump the brakes though - has anyone talked to you about the first few weeks / months of Postpartum?? (FYI Postpartum goes beyond those weeks / months. Essentially Postpartum is forever.) Something that takes a big back seat those first weeks is cooking for yourself.

You've endured a marathon and are depleted. What you need is good nourishing foods to sustain you, which in turn will sustain your little one!

Meal trains are great and maybe a family member or friend can help you set one up. Meal trains allow members of your community, family, friend circle, to bring you meals! Yes - bring you meals. Leave a cooler outside your home and just have folks drop off meals for you and your family. It's a great thing to include in your Baby Shower and you don't have to think twice about taking out a pot or pan.

We also love spending those last couple weeks of pregnancy preparing for our postpartum. Get yourself some good tupperware, make some space in your freezer and pick out a few recipes to double that you can reheat on those days when cooking is not an option.

Need some inspo? Here are our favorite go tos.


Whether you do bone or vegan broth, broth is one the best things you can prepare for yourself and freeze. It also makes a great labor "snack". Warming, nourishing, full of vitamins and minerals.


Bran muffins are great to help get things moving and grooving down there or maybe you want to try some lactation muffins. Muffins freeze well, heat up nicely, and make a great breakfast or snack!


Breakfast or Dinner burritos!!! We love anything we can eat with one hand. Throw in all the veggies, protein, and goodness that you love. Wrap it in a tortilla and freeze! All you have to do is pop it in the oven or microwave and BOOM you got yourself a delish meal.


Does your Pinterest look like ours? Full of casserole recipes? No? We <3 our casseroles. They last a few meals, fairly easy to make, and just scream comfort. Freezer friendly casserole dishes are going to be your new BFF.

Mini Egg Bake Cups

These may be one of our favorite things to make for our Postpartum clients. It's something you may not think of and are so yummy and simple to make / reheat. MINI EGG BAKE CUPS! Grab your muffin pan and your favorite omelet ingredients and go to town.

Whatever meals you decide to prepare for yourself, your Postpartum self will thank you. Preparing Postpartum meals is also a great reason to hire a Postpartum Doula! Want to schedule a consult with a Wyld Postpartum Doula? Email us at We'd love to set up a complimentary consultation.

Have fun, good luck, and if you have a recipe you love and want to share, send it to us!

We loveeeeeee recipes ;)

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