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Pregnancy Diaries: Due Date Date

"When is your due date?"

"Any baby yet?"

"Still pregnant?" (no I just like to leave my baby at home and walk around with a watermelon under my shirt.......)

"Walking that baby out?"

"Have lots of sex!"

"Eat dates!"

"Have a glass of wine."

And the list goes on and on. Anyone else getting or have gotten the Due Date texts, phone calls, random person at the grocery store chats???

It all comes with love, I know. Every person who has checked in, asked when the due date is, given their advice or their birth story, has always shared and connected with the best intentions.

Today is my due date. May 24th, 2021. Aaaaaaannnnddddddd yup, still pregnant! Due dates are bullsh*t. It is a rough timeline as to when the baby *could* be born. Babies are born on their birth day. When they are good and ready. Sometimes that's at 38 weeks and sometimes they are ready at 42 weeks. Your guess is as good as mine!

As a Doula I am on the end of the conversation where I am saying to release, let go, savor these last days, treat yourself, SLEEP, take long showers, go out on dates, your baby will be born, nature never rushes but always gets things name it, I've said it. And I believe it! Deep in my bones I feel it, believe it, know it. I know that this little babe is waiting for her Birth Day to come earthside. And I do trust that that day will come. It's gotta, right!?!?

But as a pregnant person.....ooooooof. Doula Meghan and Pregnant Meghan are different people in times like this. Doula Meghan says "Trust the process", Pregnant Meghan is googling "HOW THE EFF DO I MAKE THIS BABY COME?!"

If you are or were in a similar position, know that you are NOT ALONE! I totally understand the feeling of being done and also just so excited and anxious to meet your little one.

So today is the due date and instead of just staring at my belly, making deals with the devil, and sitting in her nursery staring at her crib thinking "yep, this will make her just come out" I've decided to plan out the day to celebrate 40 weeks of pregnancy!

40 weeks of feeling all the feelings. 40 weeks of watching my body do incredible things. 40 weeks of witnessing my little one grow, move, hiccup and rock and roll inside me. 40 weeks of being this one's entire world. 40 weeks of just me and her in those quiet moments. 40 weeks of connecting with my partner in ways I couldn't imagine and are so grateful for. 40 weeks of riding the waves. 40 weeks of facing my biggest fears head on. 40 weeks of BEING PREGNANT IN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

40 weeks of hope. 40 weeks of anxiety. 40 weeks of pure bliss. 40 weeks of sleeping with ALL THE PILLOWS. 40 weeks of slow mornings and early nights. 40 weeks of long showers. 40 weeks of love.

40 weeks of transitioning from maiden to mother.'

First thing on the docket, we went for a walk this morning around our neighborhood.

Second, writing this blog post ;)

Third, is going food shopping. Sounds mundane, but it *could* be the last time I food shop before she comes. And I love going food shopping. There is something therapeutic about it!

Fourth, come home and do some mindful movement and breathwork.


Sixth, go out to dinner on a date with my honey.

Seventh, we'll see where the night takes us ;)

Advice to all those pregnant friends out there with their due date looming over their heads. I SEE YOU, I FEEL YOU, I HOLD SPACE FOR YOU. Ignore your phone and just be present with whatever you want to be present with. Want to zone out to watching a good rom com, GO FOR IT. Want to go for a walk or get your hair cut? GO FOR IT! Just remain present. It is the best way to connect with your little one. Lastly, plan a due date date. Whether you want to do it with someone or by yourself. Plan something for that day! Maybe your babe will surprise you and make their grand entrance sooner or maybe they want to accompany you on this date. Just remember (and note to self) you will have this baby....

Good luck. You got this.

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