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Pregnancy Support Group - The Importance of Community

Being pregnant during a pandemic is f*cking hard. I found out I was pregnant in September (due in May) and just hit my 24 week mark!

While there is SO much excitement inside me, I feel life literally moving in my body, there is also a huge part of me that is anxious, scared, worried (all the time), and lonely. While I know so many people who are pregnant right now, including one of my best friends, it still feels unbelievably lonely and isolating. A main part of that is this COVID pandemic. If it wasn't COVID times I would be going to a prenatal yoga class, meeting up with my other pregnant friends, or just being around my non pregnant friends to share this wild ride! I love my partner, I love my family, and they can be exactly what I need. But sometimes you just want to be in community.

I've hosted healing circles with my bestie and biz partner for the past 3 years or so. From full moon healing circles to new parent groups, and I have seen FIRST HAND the beauty and the importance of gathering in a safe non-judgement community offering peer support. It is absolutely beautiful seeing the transformations, the openness, and the friendships made!

We are all craving to be with our loved ones. To go to our favorite restaurant to eat and drink, or have game night at your friends house, or family dinner! We are social beings. We thrive when we are around others, when we feel safe, when we feel heard, and when we feel seen.

Being pregnant is no different! I am craving all those things tenfold. Especially with being around others who may be going through something similar as me. Do you feel that weird pain in your groin? Are you super horny one minute and then want to rip your partners head off the next? Are you anxious and worried when you don't feel your baby move for a couple hours? Are you nesting like crazy? What stroller did you get? Are you co-sleeping?......

You get the idea.

So let's get together (yeah yeah yeah) and share virtual space offering non judgemental, open hearted, safe community. You in?!

If you are expecting join our Pregnancy Support Meetup on the First Friday of every month at 4pm. It is FREE and we just ask you come with an open mind and heart. This will be peer support with the gentle facilitation by a Birth and Postpartum Doula. So come with questions, worries, excitements, the full spectrum. We want it all and want you to be seen and heard.

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