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Secret Tip for Labor!

Are you ready for one of our top tips for Labor?!

There is so much information out there to prepare for this new little babe to come into your world. From first trimester coping techniques to sleeping positions as your belly and baby grow! There is so much to consider!!! Now you've come to the point in your pregnancy where you are starting to think about the "big day". SO EXCITING! And also maybe really scary? We understand all the feelings on the spectrum when it comes to the big day.

Will I know what to do?! Then you start Googling "What to do when I'm in labor?" or "How do I give birth?"

As Birth Doulas we are here to tell you that you can never Google, never read a book about childbirth, never even take a Childbirth Education class and you would STILL KNOW WHAT TO DO! Imagine?!!? This is something so primal and so deep in our bones that we in fact do know what to do. But sometimes we need reassurance from a book or your doula. Sometimes we need to read and take notes to feel prepared. Sometimes we need to see visual aids in our Childbirth Education class of a pelvis to really understand the anatomy of it all so you can visualize your childbirth easier. We get it! You do you!

Okay, but what is this HOT TIP?!

Did you know that the uterus sits on top of your bladder?

Maybe you know where we're going with this. But hear us out! Your uterus sits on top of your bladder. As you may have experienced in your pregnancy the more you grew the more you had to pee. After eating a banana you're like "great, I have to pee again". Well that is because there is limited space in your body and with the uterus and your baby growing it sits on your bladder and then BAM you gotta pee.

So what does this have to do with labor? Well if we are merely thinking of space here, we want the baby to descend down in the pelvis into the vagina (aka birth canal). In order for the baby to head south, we need as much space as possible! If the bladder has any urine at all in it that creates a little speed bump or barrier for the baby.

Empty that bladder hunny!!!! That little bit of space is like a mile for the baby and could be the ticket for dilation.

We'll let you in on another little secret when it comes to peeing. (Can you tell we love potty talk?! ;) )

Get this - when you are on the toilet peeing there is so much more than just emptying your bladder. On the toilet you are sitting in a squatting position. Squatting is great as a labor and delivery position because of gravity and hips opening. Plus and plus! Also subconsciously when you are on the toilet you are trained to relaaaaaaax and let go. Relax and let go! So when we relax and let go and baby has more space to move and groove, and we are in a great position, you mayyyyy experience more or more intense contractions on the toilet! This is a good thing! Contractions mean dilation and dilation means baby is coming!

So when in doubt head to the bathroom! It is a great change of scenery, the walk there will also help the baby move a bit, squat, relax and let go! We love asking our clients "When was the last time you went to the bathroom?" because 10 / 10 times once they go it makes a difference. Remember every little bit of space counts.

There you have it folks, our HOT TIP for labor ;)

Interested in more of these little gems?! Sign up for one of our Childbirth Education classes! We offering private and semi private classes. All virtual for now!

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