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Should I Hire a Newer Doula?

You could... We like to reframe 'Should' to 'Could'... :) There's no one way, or one right way. Ultimately, you do what feels right to you and your family. Hiring a doula is a big decision! Bringing someone into your intimate family circle to witness a life changing moment is no light decision. And, a good doula doesn't take it lightly either. We know the privilege we're receiving when we're invited to join you at the birth of your children, and the birth of you, as a parent.

There's a wide range of Doulas out there, offering a wide variety of skills, credentials, and experience. And, there's a wide range of clients out there, with a variety of needs! As both Doulas, and Doula Trainers, we believe that doulas can be brand new, or have supported hundreds of clients, and it doesn't change whether or not they are a Good Doula. At Wyld Birth & Postpartum, we intentionally hire new-ish doulas because we know:

A) They are not burnt out from #oncalllife

B) Every single birth is unique and even if you have supported 500 births, you've never supported THIS one.

C) New-ish doulas have been trained in this decade, maybe even in the last few years, so their knowledge base is current, evidence-based, and progressive.

We also know that much of what makes a Doula special, is their innate ability to be compassionate, empathetic, confident, steady, and grounded. You can't teach those qualities! We look for doulas who have those characteristics TENFOLD.

So, should you hire a newer doula? Well, you could. :) If you're looking for a doula who can provide you with up-to-date pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and newborn education you can hire a newer doula. If you're looking for a doula to massage you, provide counter pressure, and physical comfort measures, you can hire a newer doula. If you're looking for a doula to be by your side, provide you affirmations, fortitude, cheer you on, steady your breath, listen to you, support you in speaking with your provider, and be a constant pillar of strength for you, you can certainly hire a newer doula.

We're confident you are in the hands of some incredibly talented doulas... try it for yourself!

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