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Should I Take a Childbirth Education Class?

As you progress along in your pregnancy you may be wondering and / or hearing about a Childbirth Education Class. Perhaps your OB or Midwife tells you about one affiliated with your hospital or home birth practice? Maybe your Doula teaches Childbirth Ed? Maybe your new parent friend told you about the one they took?

Childbirth Education classes are a great way to help ease anxieties for the pregnant person and their partners and help you feel prepared like an Eagle Scout.

As Birth and Postpartum Doulas and Childbirth Educators, we have seen first hand the benefits of our clients taking a Childbirth Ed Class (aka CBE). In this blog we will answer some FAQ around Childbirth Ed!

Q: Where do you find a CBE class near you?

A: A quick google search can lead you to some CBE classes in your area. If you are working with a Doula, ask them! They may teach courses or have a referral to give you. Reach out to your OB or hospital Midwife. The hospital you are planning to give birth at may have one you can attend. If you are planning for a homebirth, ask your Midwife! Often times providers have CBE's that they recommend to their clients.

Q: How much does a CBE class cost?

A: Depending on how in depth, the length of the course, "method" of Childbirth Education, group or private setting, classes can run anywhere from $40-$400. Lamaze, Birthing from Within, Bradley, Evidence Based Birth etc. are different methods of teaching childbirth education and could factor into the cost. Group settings may reduce the cost compared to a private session.

Q: How long is a CBE class?

A: Some classes run over the course of 4-6 weeks where you meet once a week for an hour or so. Some classes run for the whole day or broken up into a couple of days. Typically Childbirth Education classes are covering around 4-6 hours of information.

Q: Will insurance cover my class?

A: Some insurances do cover a CBE class! While an educator will most likely not accept insurance, ask for a receipt from the teacher and you can submit a claim to your insurance. If you have a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) through your insurance, you most likely will be able to use that towards your CBE.

Q: What are some of the benefits of taking a CBE class?

A: Childbirth Education helps you feel prepared for your upcoming birth. It can quell any anxieties you may be experiencing. Having a baby brings up a lot and there is a lot to think about, read about, buy, prepare etc etc. No wonder why you're having a hard time sleeping at night. Taking a class can help ease those anxious thoughts! A class will go over all of the options you have involving your birth. Did you know you have options?! Knowing your options can help you feel empowered in making those (possibly tough) decisions.

Another benefit of a CBE class is that it teaches you about common vocabulary/terms and anatomy you may hear at both a hospital or home birth. "Doctor talk" if you will. It will explain it all so you don't feel like things are going over your head!

It's also a great time to bond with your partner or any other birth support partner you may have!

The last benefit (which we can talk about how important it is to take one of these classes all day long) we will talk about is a CBE class will go over comfort management and other techniques used in labor and childbirth. Both natural comfort management and medical comfort management! Each "method" or educator will have something different to offer! Lamaze will focus more on breathing where Birthing from Within may focus more on visualization and birth art. Maybe you want just simple not overly complicated techniques and also talk about "THE DRUGS" to help with any discomfort. Whatever your style is, there's a class for you!

Q: Can I take a class online?

A: YES! In today's world, most classes are being held virtually via Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime etc. If you find an educator / method that you like, but don't see a class online or even an in person session, just reach out to them and see if they have an online offering or if they can accommodate a private or semi-private session online!

While Childbirth Education is not required to have a baby (baby is going to come no matter what ;) )

it is a fantastic way to feel prepared and we know that knowledge is power!

Wyld Birth & Postpartum offers semi-private and private virtual Childbirth Education Classes! We have a refresher 2 hr course for you not first time parents and we have a 4 hr in depth course for new parents! Both can be spread out over two days or book in a days session. Reach out to us to inquire and get more information at

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