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Summer Pregnancy Must Haves

It’s all fun and games until the weather hits 80... suddenly your fingers and toes have doubled in size, your thighs are velcroed together, and you can’t tell if your underwear is soaked from sweat, discharge, or your own urine. GOOD TIMES!

The upside is you no longer need the extra weight of a big coat or chunky sweater but my oh my the heat can be a real killer. So what do you do? Turn to your trusty Doula for support! Here are a list of our favorite ways to beat the heat:

- STAY HYDRATED if nothing else, just keep drinking. Water, lemonade, Gatorade, whatever. If you’re feeling thirsty, it’s not enough. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip sip sip away.

- Get Pops.

Yes you read that right. Your doulas are telling you to buy or make popsicles! They don’t need to be fancy or too sweet. But we guarantee they’ll do the trick!! Fill pop molds with lemonade, iced herbal tea, water enhanced with fruit, or your favorite juice. Help yourself to a pop anytime you’re looking for a sweet treat or your sick of drinking but want some delish hydration.

- Less is More...for clothing that is!

Maternity Clothes can get expensive! Ask your community for some hand-me-down lightweight maternity clothes or oversized clothes. Lightweight cotton dresses or tanks are all you need. The less pieces of clothing the better!

- Fans!

So simple and yet so welcome. Of course AC is wonderful on those hot days. But there’s something about the moving air right in front of you that feels exquisite when you’re pregnant and h o t. A nice stand up oscillating fan or a small fan propped in front of you can bring some much needed relief and pleasure when you’re dripping in sweat and in NO MOOD for shenanigans.

- Slip on shoes.

Hate to break it to you, but this is the time for function over fashion. It’s a short time, we promise. Shoes that slip on AND have good air flow are ideal! A nice rubber Birkenstock sandal, or dare we say, a croc?! There are plenty of other options but you may want a bit more support than a thong sandal offers. Take our advice and go for the rubber sandals!!

- Reusable Pads.

Keeping a cotton layer in your underwear and being able to swap it out with a fresh one every time your underwear feels like the Bayou will be KEY to your comfort in the summer (and really any season your pregnant!)

- Baby Pool!

Those things are not just for the babes! Fill one up and either get on in or set up a comfortable chair along side and rest your feet in the pool. They’re a perfect size to move anywhere you want to sit and they bring a rush of cool relief on a hot day. Get yourself a baby pool and thank us later!

We know it can feel like an endless battle against heat and humidity. And while the rest of the world is celebrating the warm weather you’re rolling your eyes and wiping your sweat stash... Follow some of our tips and hopefully you’ll find some relief! Good luck out there Pregnant friends. We’re with you every step of the way.

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