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That Time I Had A Clogged Duct at a Full Moon Circle

Last week I had a clogged duct at my Full Moon Circle. I know that’s a lot to process.

Where to begin? Well, Friday afternoon I started to feel like my right breast was

slightly bruised- as if I had a black and blue about an inch southeast of my areola.

Soon after noticing the pain it got a bit worse. It hurt when I touched it and anytime

my breast moved while I walked around. Since I had a clogged duct after my first

child I knew this is what it was. Immediately I microwaved my herbal rice pack and

stuck it under my shirt. I massaged the area for it a bit (for as long as I could stand

it) and I encouraged my baby to nurse from that side. Knowing I had to co-facilitate

a Full Moon Circle that evening and would be away from my nursing child for

several hours I went HARD at this clogged duct while I was home. Constantly

heating, massaging and nursing. Next I got out ole’ reliable- my trusty pump. I

pumped the right breast while putting extra pressure on the sore spot. I was

chugging water and keeping my warm pack at the helm. Right before I left I nursed

once more on that side and took two ibuprofen for the pain.

Now, Full Moon Circle. Have you ever been to one? It may be exactly what you

imagine. A dozen or so female identifying people sitting in a circle on the floor

around an altar of crystals, flowers and candles. We share stories about ourselves,

experiment with different breathing techniques and yoga positions, go through a

guided meditation and ultimately enjoy each others company in a relaxing place.

Lest you visualized something a bit more witchy and ritualistic, we do chant a bit

and we do call in ancestors, pull oracle cards, and cast spells…no big deal. Can you

picture all this? Good.

So, I’m sitting in my Full Moon Circle and all the while I’m holding my hand over my

breast inside the v-neck of my blouse massaging myself. All I can think is, “please

don’t turn into Mastitis, please don’t turn into Mastitis”. Which by the way, is a real

thing. A clogged duct is something you want to stay on top of and not ignore. For it

shall wreak havoc if left to its own devices. (Not sure if we’re talking about a clogged

duct or a toddler…same difference? Different blog.) I told a friend in the circle about

my clogged duct and she suggested trying Lecithin. That is real and was also

suggested to me by my IBCLC the first time around. I mentally noted her suggestion

and planned to go out the next morning and buy a bottle. Lecithin is a “thinner” and

will essentially thin your milk, helping it get through that tricky clogged duct.

So now the circle is over and my milk has come in so I’m engorged AND clogged. I

left the circle, raced home, slipped and fell on my icy driveway (really? Can you

imagine?) and made my way upstairs to the baby. I nursed the baby on both sides

and then mostly on my right breast through.the.night. Long story short (is it too late

for that?) I nursed regularly on the side with the clogged duct and continued to add

heat and voila, cured! Really! Moral of the story: Apply heat, massage affected area,

nurse/pump, stay hydrated, and repeat. And maybe attend a Full Moon Circle? I

never did buy that Lecithin…or take a hot shower…or do a bunch of other things

people say cures clogged ducts. But hey, there’s always next time, right?…

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