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Vacation with a Newborn? We Got You Covered!

Happy Summer Break! Or maybe you’re reading this over the winter as you prepare for a big trip with your newborn! Either way, we know it can feel daunting to pack for vacation with a baby in tow. The idea of bringing everything but the kitchen sink feels good in some ways, and suuuuper stressful in others! We’ve had our share of trips with baby’s and we’re happy to share some things we learned (the hard way...) Whether you’re mapping your road trip or booking your flight, these tips will make life a lot easier!

If you’re driving to vacation, here are some of our favorite tips to curate your baby packing list:

•A new box of diapers and pack of wipes. Instead of estimating the amount of diapers you use each day and adding 3 for potential blow outs etc, just bring an unopened box and a new pack of wipes and throw it in the car.

Baby Bjorn bouncer chair (or similar folding chair). This chair is the baby whisperer. And it’s lightweight. And it’s folds up flat to be stored anywhere in the car! It’s nice to have a safe place to put your baby down on vacation and this chair comes through Every. Time.

Water Carrier! If you’re into babywearing, this is a great option to have whether you’re going to a beach destination or not! You can wear it into the shower if you need to bathe baby and don’t want to bring a tub. You can wear it into the pool or beach if you want to keep baby on you. And you can wear it as an “every day” carrier if you need it on the go.

Wagon! If you’re headed to a beach vaca, the wagon will be your best friend. Strap that baby in a carrier and fill up your wagon with everything else. Beach chairs, pop up tent for baby shade, towels, cooler, small inflatable pool for baby play, etc. Wagons fold up nice and compact and are a saving grace!

•Wet Bag!! Even if you’re not cloth diapering, a wet bag is vital on vacation! Keep it in your diaper bag so it’s with you everywhere you go. And if baby has a blow out, or pees on their onesie during changing, or their clothes get wet from a n y t h i n g, you can put the wet clothes right in the wet bag and not get everything in your diaper bag covered in poop...or whatever is happening that day...

•Leave extra time for travel so you can stop when you need and not feel rushed! (This may be the number 1 tip... really buried the lead!)

If you’re flying to vacation, here are some of our favorite tips!

•Some people like to put their infant car seats in travel cases and check them on the flight(same with strollers!). There are also services that will rent you baby gear at your destination so you don’t have to lug it all! Search “baby gear rental” and the destination and we’re sure you’ll find a great option! Cribs, high chairs, car seats, etc!

•A “workhorse” baby carrier like the Ergo 360 or another soft structured carrier. Wearing your newborn through the airport and having the option to cover their head if they’re sleeping, or have them secure when you bend down to lift luggage is a life saver. You can go from airport to runway with baby sleeping on you the whole time in the right carrier! You can also nurse in a carrier by lowering the strap!

•Extra baby socks! You’re bound to lose a sock (or 5) while you’re traveling and planes get cold! Trust us- shove a few extra pairs of socks in your carry on!!

Do you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you? Please share them with us!! Are you anxious about hitting the road with your new baby? Remember that babies don’t need much- and they feed off our energy. Take deep breaths, plan ahead, and be ready to forget something important ;) Bon Voyage!

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