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We Talk About Bruno

We're Encanto obsessed. We loved the movie, and the soundtrack plays every waking hour of the day. At first watch, the movie seemed so beautiful to me. (And it still does...) though there's one thing I can't seem to shake.


I look at my own children- full of magic and gifts. Whacky, odd, creative, powerful in their own rights. I look at my own family- immediate and beyond- full of bizarre and unique characters. I can see so many parallels between the dark, painful history of the Columbian Family Madrigal and my Ashkenazi Jewish family. Escaping danger, losing loved ones, trying against all odds to continue traditions of our ancestors in a modern world. Then there's the family dynamics- siblings, elders, and so on. It felt great to see Mirabel come to terms with her Abuela and find acceptance as she was. LOVE!

But Bruno! After much thought (and many, many, many hours of listening to "We Don't Talk About Bruno"), I realized what's haunting me. It feels critical that my children know that in this family, we talk about Bruno. This generation of children in my house will talk. Will communicate. Will not be judged. Will not be shut out. Will not turn a cheek on each other.

My children will absolutely find themselves in taboo situations, at crossroads in delicate decisions, and in the minority in an uncomfortable experience. And, they will know that they are part of this family, and we will talk about it. Its so much easier to want to hide from those moments- to brush them under the rug. Ignore. But in this family, we talk about Bruno.

Now- this promise extends to You. Wyld Doulas share this sentiment as it relates to our relationships with our clients. Never must you feel that you can't share something about your past. Your history. Your present. Your feelings. Your fears. Your disappointments, and so on. Sure, our physical comfort support SHINES, but wait until you try us on our relationship building and emotional support!! We are safe containers- witnesses- to you. We will not judge you, drop you, or shy away. We don't expect you to be a certain way, be interested in certain things, or eat/sleep/shop a certain way. We are simply here to support you through a significant life transition.

We Talk About Bruno. And we know it can feel uncomfortable. And we're here for it.

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