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What is a Natural Birth?

If you're new here, it's important to know something about us: We believe language matters. We use inclusive language, we respect pronouns, and we avoid language that feels fear mongering, bigoted, or judgmental. So, with that...

What is Natural Birth?? ISN'T ALL BIRTH NATURAL??? Ah-ha! We think we understand- it seems that the term Natural Birth is common when referring to an Unmedicated, Vaginal Birth. (Unmedicated means no medical intervention ie: Epidural, Pitocin, etc. and Vaginal refers to the exit route of the baby. Vaginal vs Belly)

In our humble opinion, it may be more direct to say, Unmedicated, Vaginal Birth, if that is in fact what you want. Or, Planned Cesarean/Belly Birth if that is in fact what you want. Or, Epidural and Vaginal Birth, if that is in fact what you want. Or even, "I'm not sure yet" if thats the case! :)

Using the term "Natural Birth" places a heavy weight of judgement on other births, making the assumption that they are somehow unnatural, and therefore less than.

As Birth & Postpartum Doulas, significant parts of our job are to both present information without judgment and to listen to you without judgment. Being intentional and mindful about the language we use ensures that you feel safe communicating with us and we feel confident supporting your specific wants and needs for your childbirth and postpartum experience. During our prenatal visits we spend time together talking through your options and honing in on exactly what you want. Your dream birth scenario. Your preferences. Your non-negotiables. Using judgment-free language helps us all feel heard and comfortable during what can feel like an extremely anxious, new time.

In short, all birth is natural ;) Reach out to us if you're looking for a positive, wonderful childbirth and postpartum experience. And we will support you in creating just that.

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